In 2011 I was awarded a one month summer artist residency with the BAER Art Centre near Höfðaströnd Northwestern Iceland, and set up the Iceland Dream Project (IDP) using the crowdfunding platform Pozible, to raise funds for travel to and around Greenland and Iceland during my residency trip, July 25- Sept 1 2011.  The IDP blog aims to document my travel and studio adventures in these wild lands of 24 hour sunlight, glaciers, volcanoes, elves, trolls, & WIFI. Studio research recorded during this trip will be used to create a new body of work for an experimental collaborative exhibition in November 2012 at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art, Brisbane, Australia.

Many thanks to the pledglings who have supported me and the IDP- the project has been a critical lifeline for this international career development opportunity and the support has been overwhelming. This blog is dedicated to all of you! The IDP has also been funded by a small Arts Queensland Career Development Grant which will contribute towards BAER residency living costs and the printing costs for the IDP Dream Postcard Project.

This project has been made possible by the generosity of key supporters, including:

BAER Art Centre, Höfðaströnd Iceland.

Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

3E innovative

Greg & Cy Lindsay

TJ Ryan

John & Trina McKone

Judy & Bryan Cantrell

Sarah Newall

Adrian Workman

Annabel O’Neill

Tania Minehan

Sally Knox

Susan & John Botting

Rachel & Nathan Mulley

Tom & Kathy Carson

Art & Christa Ryan

Amanda Van Gils

Jasmine Amie

Carl Dempster

Elaine & Adam Lawton

Bianca Beetson

Sarah Calvert

Jen Upton

Paula Tagg

Monte Pemberton

Frances Belle Parker

Christina Rowntree

Sue Beyer

Nicole Cooper

Kim Anderson

Mandana Mapar

Irene Wellm

Kirsten Kennedy

Deb Mostert

Ruth Hodgman

Tony Albert

Mostyn Bramley-Moore

Kristen Greaves

Kirstin Jones

Vesna Nedimovic

Tricia Velthuizen

Vicki O’Shea

Anne McNaughton

Coralie Bolton

Kay Douglass

Kelly Bretherton

Nixie Quant

Jodie Monte

Julia & Julia